Cupcakes and Cakes

Each made with a proprietary blend of unbleached all purpose flour and organic sprouted spelt flour. The texture of my products are classic and incorporate a punch of nutrients without making them taste.... "healthy".


Keep in mind I am always coming up with new flavours and seasonal specials! The flavours below are just a snap shot of what I can do.


Flavours can be made as a cupcake or a cake.


** I do not do fondant covered cakes **




$48 per dozen (large size, most have fillings)

$48 for 38 mini cupcakes (no filling)



4” Circle, 2 layer with filling (SERVING 3-5) $45
6” Circle, 2 layer with filling (SERVING 8-10) $66

7” Circle, 2 layer with filling (SERVING 10-12) $80

8” Circle, 2 layer with filling (SERVING 12-16) $94

10” Circle, 2 layer with filling (SERVING 19-28) $130


6” Square, 2 layer with filling (SERVING 9-12) $80

12” Square, 2 layer with filling (SERVING 36-48) $195



Another layer can be added to any size cake, additional layer starting at $10.



Available upon request. Fondant, Gum Paste or paper/ plastic - cost dependent on quantity and complexity.




Cost for the edible images begin at $15.00 and can increase depending on image size or applications.

Edible images are printed images using food coloring on rice paper. This can be placed on sugar cookies, meringue kisses, cakes and cupcakes. Images of anything can be printed and this method is a great way to get a company logo or seasonal greeting onto a baked good


Real flowers are a gorgeous way to decorate cakes and cupcakes. Flowers can be added to any order and pricing varies depending on flower type and arrangement. A quote can be requested for specific arrangements.

  • Baby’s Breath $5
  • Seasonal Arrangement, beginning at $15
  • Mid- range Arrangement, beginning at $20
  • High End Arrangement, beginning at $30

A fun alternative for kids birthday parties, cupcakes can be baked inside a cone! Topped with icing and decorations


$32 per dozen 


Very Strawberry

  • Vanilla bean cake with fresh strawberry pieces
  • Strawberry and Lingonberry compote filling
  • Strawberry and maple syrup swiss meringue buttercream

Summer strawberry flavor in every bite!

Quad Cocoa

  • Brownie- like chocolate cake
  • Chocolate fudge filling
  • Milk chocolate swiss meringue buttercream and cocoa nibs.

Serious chocolate lovers only!


Not So Vanilla

  • Madagascar vanilla bean cake
  • French vanilla custard filling
  • Vanilla bean and white chocolate swiss meringue buttercream.

Vanilla is no longer boring!

Salted Caramel Bacon

  • Vanilla bean cake
  • Whisky caramel filling
  • Caramel swiss meringue buttercream with bacon pieces
  • Salted whisky caramel crunch 

Don't be afraid... bacon can do no wrong!

Salted Caramel

  • Vanilla cake
  • caramel filling
  • caramel swiss buttercream with a sprinkle of salt

A classic and one of my all time favorites.

Peanut Butter Baby

  • Brownie- like chocolate cake
  • Chunky peanut butter filling
  • Peanut butter and milk chocolate swiss meringue buttercream

Craving Crusher!

Lemon Lemongrass

  • Vanilla bean cake with lemon zest
  • Lemon and lemongrass curd filling
  • White chocolate and Limoncello swiss meringue buttercream

Tart, creamy and oh so dreamy!

Some more S'more

  • Vanilla bean and graham cracker cake
  • Milk chocolate fudge filling
  • Toasted marshmallow fluff topping

Campfire not included!

Honey Bee

  • Vanilla bean and honeysuckle cake
  • Whipped lavender honey topping
  • Bee pollen sprinkle

Honey lovers only!

Tropical Paradise

  • Vanilla bean cake
  • Pineapple, mango and passion fruit compote filling
  • Coconut cream and cardamom swiss meringue buttercream

The next best thing to a Caribbean vacation!


Lime & Coconut

  • Vanilla bean cake with lime zest
  • Lime and lime leaf curd filling
  • White chocolate and toasted coconut swiss meringue buttercream

Classic combo with a twist!

Mandarin Orange

  • Vanilla bean cake with orange zest
  • Mandarin and orange curd filling
  • White chocolate and orange swiss meringue buttercream
Sophisticated and light!

Pumpkin N' Spice

  • Pumpkin spice cake with pumpkin puree
  • Pumpkin pie filling
  • Cream cheese pumpkin spice swiss meringue buttercream

If Pumpkin pie and a cupcake had a baby...

Pear N' Ginger

  • Vanilla bean cake with Pear puree
  • Pear and Ginger compote filling
  • Pear and Ginger swiss meringue buttercream

Real Pear flavour with a hint of warmth.

Whisky Caramel Apple

  • Cinnamon apple cake
  • Apple compote filling
  • Caramel and Whisky swiss meringue buttercream

Caramel apple's hotter older sister.

Very Blueberry

  • Vanilla Blueberry cake
  • Blueberry Hibiscus compote filling
  • Blueberry Maple swiss meringue buttercream

A blueberry lovers delight!

Chocolate Hazelnut

  • Dark chocolate cake
  • hazelnut spread filling
  • milk chocolate hazelnut Swiss meringue buttercream

For all you Nutella lovers out there!

Chocolate Bar Concoction

  • Favorite chocolate bar pieces baked into a vanilla cake
  • filled with chocolate or caramel
  • topped with a vanilla or chocolate swiss meringue buttercream and your favorite chocolate bar pieces!

Whatever chocolate bar is your favorite, I can incorporate into this cupcake! 

Raspberry Rose

  • Vanilla cake
  • Raspberry compote filling
  • Raspberry and rose water swiss meringue buttercream

A beautiful and elegant flavor.

Raspberry Lemon

  • Vanilla cake with raspberry pieces
  • Lemon curd filling
  • Raspberry lemon swiss meringue buttercream 

Tart notes fit perfectly with the sweet vanilla cake. A summer time favorite.


  • Vanilla cinnamon cake
  • Cardamom vanilla custard filling
  • Toasted Cardamom swiss meringue buttercream 

A warm spice similar in notes to Cinnamon, this is a unique and satisfying combination.

Red Velvet

  • Classic red velvet cake
  • topped with a cream cheese swiss meringue buttercream

A rich and satisfying bite!


  • Decadent chocolate cake
  • filled with chocolate ganache
  • topped with a white chocolate whip cream

A showstopper of a dessert for any occasion... or no occasion at all.


  • Chocolate cake
  • topped with a black cocoa swiss meringue buttercream and crushed Oreo cookies

The addition of the black cocoa makes ever bite taste like an Oreo!